Quartz Countertops

Natural style with long-lasting performance

Advantages of Quartz

quartz countertops Richland, WA

Quartz countertops are becoming more and more popular in kitchen and bathroom settings, and we at Benjamin’s Carpet One have you covered with a great selection from brands such as Caesarstone, LG Viatera, MSI Stone, Silestone, and Pental. Here are some advantages of quartz:

Appearance: Quartz countertops are made mostly from real quartz, so they do offer natural looks that are similar to those of granite. Plus, because quartz countertops aren't totally natural, manufacturers can ensure that certain style requirements are met.

Durability: Quartz countertops are fortified with synthetic materials for extra durability. As a result, quartz will resist scratches, spills, and stains without any special sealants. Natural countertop options such as granite do require sealants. Quartz countertops, on average, tend to last a little longer than granite countertops.

Cleanliness: Quartz is non-porous, which means that spills will never seep past the surface. This is super-important because if spills do seep past the surface, you’ll usually have to deal with harmful bacteria. If you plan on doing a lot of cooking in your new kitchen, choosing a quartz countertop will certainly be a great decision.

Maintenance: For the most part, quartz countertops are easy to clean and maintain. You’ll never have to worry about resealing them, nor will you be forced to deal with surface scratches. Only routine cleaning with soap and water is required.

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