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Best Flooring for Pets

We know that pets are part of the family, and even though we like to think they’re perfect, sometimes our best friends have accidents.  The good thing is that at Benjamin’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Kennewick, we carry a collection of pet-proof and stain resistant flooring options to please everyone in the family. When you purchase one of our pet-friendly flooring options, you get peace-of-mind combined with flooring that is sure to be long-lasting. The benefits of flooring that can stand up to pets and accidents don’t stop there; they also come in stylish colors, patterns, and textures to impress you and your guests.

Pet-Friendly Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring does not define one type of floor. Luxury vinyl and carpet are both available in waterproof options and can be beneficial depending on your needs.

Luxury vinyl is flooring that is constructed using several layers, making it scratch resistant and durable. You don’t have to worry about the nails of your animals or the wear and tear of them running around when you have luxury vinyl. If you want the look of hardwood or tile, luxury vinyl is an ideal option because it is made to replicate those original flooring looks while staying waterproof.

Pet-Friendly Carpet

It is true; there is such a thing as pet-friendly carpet! With new technology comes increased resistance to stains and wear and tear. Pet-friendly carpet does not absorb liquids quickly, making it easy to clean up accidents and messes made from animals and pets of all kinds. We carry exclusive Carpet One brands like Relax it’s…Lee’s® and Tigressá® that keep function top of mind. If you’re interested in completely waterproof carpet, our Tigressá® H2O™ carpet is the one for you. Tigressá® H2O™ carpets keep moisture out of your floor and subfloor while staying stylish and soft. If you want to be stress-free, plan to purchase pet-friendly or stain resistant luxury vinyl or carpet.

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