Keep It Green Cleaner

The perfect solution for floor stains

Keep Your Floors Clean!

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At Benjamin’s Carpet One, we know how important it is to keep new floors looking clean and as good as new. We are therefore excited about our new selection of Keep It Green, an industrial-strength all-purpose cleaner. The Keep It Green solution can clean pretty much any surface in your home.

Keep It Green is extremely practical when it comes to carpets. In fact, it functions as a strong carpet cleaning solution. It can help remove spot stains on the surface, and it’s also useful for shampooing carpets with or without a machine. The solution can even remove traffic patterns from carpets, so indents from footsteps will no longer be an issue. What’s also great about Keep it Green is the fact that it can be used on delicate carpets and other fabrics.

What about hard surfaces? Keep It Green can be used on wood surfaces, as long as you use an appropriate eraser pad. It’s more practical, however, for vinyl, ceramic, and porcelain. In addition, Keep It Green is great if you want to clean countertops, cabinets, walls, and other surfaces that you typically see in kitchens or bathrooms.

Given its name, it’s no surprise that Keep It Green is an eco-friendly and totally safe floor cleaner. It’s not made from harmful chemicals, so it contributes to a healthy environment for children and pets. Keep It Green is also approved by the USDA and registered with the NSF.

To learn even more about Keep It Green, be sure to visit our Richland, WA store. Keep It Green is only available in select retailers!