Castle Combe Hardwood

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High-Character Hardwood

Are you looking to add the natural beauty and character of hardwood to your home setting? Be sure to visit Benjamin’s Carpet One in Richland, WA to check out our selection from Castle Combe. Castle Combe hardwood, which is manufactured by USFloors, is a perfect option because of its real wood looks and durable engineered construction.

What’s truly striking about all Castle Combe hardwood floors is the natural wood style. In fact, the floors offer reclaimed wood looks that are straight out of the 19th century. How? The wood planks are aged using innovative techniques, and then they are hand-crafted for true authenticity. Finally, each plank is finished with USFloors’ Natural-E oil finish. This oil finish certainly emphasizes the real wood looks, and it also protects the planks from everyday wear and tear.

Nevertheless, although Castle Combe hardwood floors look like they are from the 19th century, they feature a modern-day engineered construction. As a result, the planks are dimensionally stable, so they can be installed below, on, or above ground. And, the planks are unlikely to swell when exposed to moisture.

Our Selection

As part of our hardwood flooring selection, we offer pretty much the full line of Castle Combe hardwood. Two of our favorite styles are Sodbury and Chippenham. Both are part of the Castle Combe Original collection, and they offer natural oak looks. Chippenham, however, is a little lighter than Sodbury.

Castle Combe Richland, WA